"Since the market crash that began in 2007, the biggest crash since the Great Depression, many have been waiting for the economy to come back. … The problem is that no government, neither ours nor theirs, can cause real jobs.

Only entrepreneurs can do that. Only entrepreneurs can see the future and bring it to life – risking, losing, and winning – over and over. In the process, they create new industries and opportunities for people all over the world.

Schools are designed to create employees. That is why people say, “Go to school to get a good job.” Most students, even graduates of MBA programs, go on to become employees, not entrepreneurs. Millions of students leave school each year saddled with massive student-loan debt, unable to find jobs. Today, too many people, young and old, are looking for jobs, or are afraid of losing their jobs.

We need more entrepreneurs who can create businesses and jobs." -Robert T. Kiyosaki & Donald J. Trump